Angel Message for Today!!

Today the angels want me to talk about and remind everyone that when you are working with them, the KEY is “You HAVE to ASK!”. The angels are with us, around us and ALWAYS wanting and willing to help. If we don;t talk with our angels and specifically tell them what we want help with they can’t do too much in the way of helping the way we would like or need. They can jump in extreme cases. Say you were about to walk out and get hurt by a car, they could bump you out-of-the-way.  Angels do not interfere with our free will, they really are not allowed to. One of the GREAT things about begin human is we get to have and make choices. So the angels will not interfere in those choices. If you want their help and attention then tak to them, be specific and ASK!!!!!! Your whole world will begin to shift for the highest and best once you invite your angels to be a partner in your life!!!!

Love, light and Angles to you all!!!!!!!!!!


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